Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oct 6: "Ann" with "Account Services" scam

The "Ann" with "Account Services" scam called yet again. Some pieces of the recording include "to as low as four point nine percent", "based on your credit rating, you have been put up for review", and "please consider this your final notice". After I pressed one, a man said that they were "Card Services" (where the recording said "Account Services") and asked if I wanted to lower my interest rate. So I said yes. Then he asked how much I owe on my credit card, and I gave him a fake number. I then said, "So this is card services?" And he hung up on me. Fucking scam. I'll remember not to ask these innocuous questions the next time these fuckers call.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Oct 5: "Ann" with "Credit Services" scam

The same recording that called a few days ago, I think, called again. I pressed one, and after a delay, it hung up on me without connecting anyone. Fucking crooks.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Oct 2: "Ann" with "Account Services" or "Credit Services" scam

There was a recording of "Ann" with "Account Services". After listening to a bunch of recorded crap, it said "you must act now" and other scam bullshit. It also said to press one, so I pressed one. After a lengthy delay, a woman came on the line and said a bunch of bullshit, including that Experian had selected my account for review and other bullshit implying that they had information about my accounts. She said that they were "Credit Services". I gave her a bunch of fake information in response to her questions. Finally, she asked me to "verify your name", and I gave her a fake name. She seemed a little thrown by that, so I offhandedly said, "Maybe you called the wrong number." She immediately hung up after that. Oops. At least I occupied some of her time. Fucking scammer.