Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apr 27: Mortgage renegotiation scam

"Hello, this is pertaining to your current home loan, reference number seven four eight nine six three two. As of January third, two thousand eleven, the federal government has instructed all lenders to assist distressed homeowners in modifying their mortgages. To make the mortgage payments more affordable with no upfront fees. This includes principal reduction. We are implementing this procedure under civil code two nine eight one. If you are not a homeowner, or are not interested in renegotiating your home loan, press three. It is important that we do everything possible to keep you in your home and not allow you to go to foreclosure. Press five now to be transferred to the renegotiation department to lower your mortgage payments. Press five to renegotiate your mortgage."

It seems these fucking scams are still spamming phones.