Friday, October 02, 2009

Oct 2: "Ann" with "Account Services" or "Credit Services" scam

There was a recording of "Ann" with "Account Services". After listening to a bunch of recorded crap, it said "you must act now" and other scam bullshit. It also said to press one, so I pressed one. After a lengthy delay, a woman came on the line and said a bunch of bullshit, including that Experian had selected my account for review and other bullshit implying that they had information about my accounts. She said that they were "Credit Services". I gave her a bunch of fake information in response to her questions. Finally, she asked me to "verify your name", and I gave her a fake name. She seemed a little thrown by that, so I offhandedly said, "Maybe you called the wrong number." She immediately hung up after that. Oops. At least I occupied some of her time. Fucking scammer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got some information out of the the caller. He said his name was Alex Smith and he said he had an ID# of 12456 registeried with the Department of Agriculture. I, of couse, did not give him any of my information nor would he give me the name of his company or a phone number to call him back. I just wish they would stop calling.

July 27, 2012 8:13 AM  

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