Thursday, July 19, 2007

Olympia Consultancy

She sounded like an offshore outsourced telemarketer, but said her name was some Anglo name like Colleen somethingorother.

She said "Olympia Consultancy" is a "leading service provider that specializes in lowering interest rates" or something like that. She said they believe I was paying some interest rate, and asked me to confirm. Instead, I asked where they got that information. She said InfoUSA. I never heard of InfoUSA, so I asked what InfoUSA was. She hung up on me. Fucker.

Web search time.

No "Olympia Consultancy" on the web. That's a "leading" service provider for you.

InfoUSA looks like they sell sucker lists to scammers. So I'm on some of InfoUSA's sucker lists. Just great.