Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jun 23: National Consumer Counseling Agency scam

"This is an important message about your credit card and medical account. Because of the amount you owe, and because of the income each adult member of your household appears to earn, you may qualify to have ALL of your debts permanently and legally ELIMINATED under chapter seven of the U.S. bankruptcy code. National Consumer Counseling Agency, a California non-profit, offers a FREE five minute consultation to help determine if if you qualify"

A different voice was spliced in:

"for this federal relief."

Returning to the original voice:

"Now remember, we are a nonprofit company and are NOT engaged in the practice of law. So we can NOT perform a bankruptcy on your behalf. We simply offer free, unbiased information to help you better understand the options available to you. Please. Press one now to speak with a volunteer and share simple, non-specific information to find out if you qualify. And remember governmental guidelines do CHANGE every year, so you may NOT qualify next year, even if you QUALIFY right now. So please, press one now."