Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jun 23: "Our president asked mortgage lenders" "press five" to be scammed recording

Woman's voice: "Hello. Our president asked mortgage lenders to work with homeowners to modify their mortgage loans and make them more affordable for their customers. We are implementing this procedure under this directive and are calling to get your mortgage modified and renegotiated with your lender to make your payments more affordable. To see if you qualify for this program, please press five now to speak with a representative, or press two if you are not a homeowner or wish to be removed from our list. Press five to enroll in this program to lower your mortgage now. Or press two to be removed from our list. It is important that lenders do everything possible to keep you in your house and not allow you to go into foreclosure. Press five to start the process of reducing your payments on your mortgage. Press five now. Or press two to be removed from our list. Press five and lower your mortgage under President Obama's plan. Press five now."

What's with changing the press one to be scammed into press five to be scammed? I hope it's because they are losing money due to automated systems making the one tone due to people being pissed off from getting all these press one to be scammed calls. If I get these calls live, I'll press five to give them fake information. Because pressing two doesn't make these calls stop.


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