Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15: "Drew" with "rewards department" Cancun and Orlando vacation scam

I got a call from a recording of "Drew" with some "rewards department" about a five day four night vacation in Orlando Florida and Cancun Mexico. He said "touch one" a bunch of times "to claim your vacation" and various other things. He said "touch two" to be removed from their list.

I pressed one and the operator asked if I was at least twenty-three years old, and I said yes. Then she asked if I had a valid credit card, and I said yes. Then she transferred to another operator.

"Lauren", the other operator, recited a bunch of crap from a script. She asked me to confirm my telephone number, so I gave them the phone number they called. I gave her a fake name, and it was amusing to hear her insert that fake name in the blanks in the script. She said something about a one-day promotion price, and something about one hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents and something about it being an over three thousand dollar value.

She said the website was, and the phone number was 1-800-961-8354.

When it came time to give a credit card number, I gave them a fake number. I heard a bunch of cheering in the background around that time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got called by the Touch One voice telling me I had won a fabulous vacation in Florida. Sounded very scammy, so I hung up. Very amused to find it on this blog.


January 13, 2010 10:11 AM  

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