Sunday, October 07, 2012

Oct 7: Amy Ellis diabetic health scam

"Hi. This is Amy Ellis calling from diabetic health with a very important phone call for the diabetic in your home. You have been preselected to receive a brand new pain-free meter upgrade. The best part is, with this new meter, you don't even have to prick your fingers any more. If you have medicare and are a diabetic, you automatically qualify for this pain-free meter. And your brand new meter supplies will be shipped right to your door with no cost to you. If you or someone in your home is diabetic and has medicare, press one now to receive your pain-free meter. Again, to speak to a specialist about your new meter, press one now."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got this call, too. When I got a human being, she asked me a bunch of harmless questions and then asked for my Medicare number. When I told her it is my social security number and I wasn't going to give it to her on the phone, she hung up. I wonder if that's what they're after. In any case, my number's on the "Do Not Call" registry, so they shouldn't have rung me in the first place.

November 15, 2012 8:06 AM  

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