Friday, April 03, 2009

Apr 3: "Super savings" gas card and travel certificate scam

There was some recording. I do not remember what it said, but it was something about a one hundred dollar gas card and a travel certificate and something about a four dollars and ninety-nine cents credit or debit card charge for shipping and handling. Obviously a scam. So I pressed one and talked to some dude.

He asked if I pressed one for the gas card and travel certificate. I lied and said yes. He said a bunch of stuff about the scam that I don't remember. There was something about three free promotions or something. Then he asked me about a bunch of stuff. He already had my phone number. I gave him a fake name, a fake mailing address, a fake credit card number. The fake credit card number was rejected by their system, so we went back and forth repeating the number a few time.

Finally, he asked if they'd called me before and then hung up on me.


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