Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug 20: Recording of loan modification scam

Man's voice: "Hi. This is an important message regarding your mortgage. The government just implemented a new program that affects every homeowner in America. It is now required for your mortgage company to make your payment more affordable regardless of how much you owe or what your credit score is. If you have a rate that's adjustable, or you're facing foreclosure, or if you think your payment is just too high, you can get your loan modified. Loan modification is not and I repeat not a refinance. It has nothing to with your credit score or appraisal value. With loan modification, you keep your lender, and just simply lower your rate and get you caught up on all your payments. Now you've seen the news. Please take advantage of this program before it's too late. Press one for more information. Press two to be removed from this list."


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