Friday, December 02, 2005

Dec 2 8:18pm: "Apology" from "Global Mortgage"

This guy called me with to "apologize" for some telemarker screwup. Total non-sequitor. I asked who he was. He said he was the floor manager. WTF?

I asked him what company he's calling from. He said "Andrew Mortgage". His accent makes it hard to tell what he said. I've never gotten any calls from "Andrew Mortgage", so I asked what other companies he makes calls for. He was starting to sound like a scumbag liar.

He listed: Andrew Mortgage, DMG LTA (he didn't know what DMG stands for, LTA stands for something To Action, which sounds like a scam), Global Mortgage, Nationwide HEL, Bank of America. I'm starting to think he's lying about those.

I said I did get calls from Global Mortgage.

After that, he said his company was Global Mortgage. I asked if that company just calls people on behalf of mortgage companies, or actually handles mortgages. At first he seemed to say that the company just calls people. So I asked for the name of company that does the calling. He said his company was Global Mortgage, rather than Scumbag Telemarkers Incorporated or something like that, so I ask again if his company just calls people, or if it actually handles mortgages. He said they actually handle mortgages. He totally sounded like lying scum now.

He said I was put on their do-not-call list, and was called. I asked him why he was calling with his "apology" if I'm on their do-not-call list, instead of just not calling me. More evasive bullshit in response.

It came out that he got some report a week ago, and now he's calling to apologize. A week ago! And he seemed to expect that I knew what he was talking about when he initially said he was the floor manager and was apologizing for a telemarketer without otherwise identifying himself or his company.

I'm thinking now that he was spending his Saturday morning fucking with people on his telemarketer shit list.


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