Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nov 30: Answering machine spam: Recording of Bill Tesser with Capital Line Financial

This recording has called Oct 4 and Nov 30.

"Hi, this is Bill Tesser with Capital Line Financial. I was calling you uh about an offer we are extending to our client base for our flex pay mortgage. And basically, what that is is that it allows you to choose each month how much you want to pay. We have payments as low as $250 for every 100,000 you borrow. Uh, I know you probably think there's a catch; there is absolutely no catch. We put everything in writing. Our plan has no points. We have no fees, and qualifying is pretty simple. You basically have two options. Um, if you want to press one you can talk to somebody live and we'll tell you exactly how much uh you qualify to save. Uh, it's simple and only take a moment. Or you can press two, and uh we will be happy to eliminate you from our client list. You can press one or two at this point."


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