Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nov 10: Answering machine spam: Recording of Shawn with anonymous mortgage company

"Hello. My name is Shawn and this is a courtesy call to let you know that Fanny Mae has expanded their underwriting guidelines to allow more people to qualify for low interest rate home loans. With interest rates as low as they are, which means if you have good credit, less than perfect credit, or even a recent bankruptcy, we can help. With financing options as low as 1%, you can use the money to consolidate bills, refinance credit card debt, or simply lower your current payment. If you are NOT interested IN this free quote, please hang up now, or press 2 to be added to our do not call list. If you would LIKE a free quote, please press 1 to connect to a home loan specialist. Again, press 1 for a no obligation rate quote."

Being called by a telemarketer recording equals "courtesy"? Who could believe such bullshit?


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