Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20: Recording of "Brian Goldstein" scam from the "loan modification department"

Man's voice: "Hello this is Brian Goldstein calling back from the loan modification department. At 1-800-518-0813. I am calling about your mortgage. As it looks like your phone(?) qualifies for a loan modification. And payment reduction. This program allows us to work together to reduce your loan payments. And loan balance without having to refinance. So if your payments are going up, you are falling behind, or you have been turned down for a refinance. Then we can assist you in lowering your payments and avoid possible foreclosure. Call us back at 1-800-518-0813."

What is this "calling back" bullshit? I never called "the loan modification department", whatever that scam is, or any "Brian Goldstein", whoever that lying crook is. And caller id is useless for identifying these crooks.


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