Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16: Recording of "don't be alarmed" credit scam

Woman's voice: "Hello. Don't be alarmed. But this is your final notice for lower interest rates on your current account. This offer expires today. Press one and speak to your account manager and reduce your rate. Again, press one now. This is the last offer of the season. Or press two to discontinue further notices. Thank you and have a great day."

This is the eighth "today' that this "offer" (i.e. scam) "expires" that has called my phone number. It's also the eighth "last offer (i.e. scam) of the season". Whatever "final notice" and "expires" is supposed to mean. From these scumsucking jerkweeds, it's just more syllables padding out a recording of lies.


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Sheri said...

I've gotten this call multiple times on my land line in 619 area code (my number is on the Do Not Call list) I've actually stayed on the line after pressing #1 but the minute I say anything to operator (such as I'm on Do Not Call or why are you calling me), they hang up, and the number is unreturnable - just what can be done about this kind of calls? I rarely get other calls except for the political ones before the election but this one is repeated daily, sometimes several times daily.
Does anyone know if any action has/is being taken to stop this?

November 17, 2008 12:43 PM  

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