Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct 15: Recording of "this is your final notice" vehicle warranty scam

Woman's voice: "This is your final notice that your vehicle warranty may have expired. Or is about to expire. However. Your auto may qualify for extended bumper-to-bumper pr__tion. Coverage is available up to two hundred and fifty thousand miles. This could save you thousands in costly repairs. And having a vehicle under a warranty has a much higher resale value. The first one hundred callers that press one now will receive an additional twenty percent discount. Along with zero percent financing. Press one now to before it's too late to take advantage of this special offer. This is your final notice. Go ahead and press one now to speak to a live warranty specialist. Or. Press two to be removed from this list. Thank you."

I'm guessing this is more harassment from Automotive Warranty Specialists or whatever else they now call themselves to keep their scam going.


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