Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sep 3: Recording of "Lisa" in the "mortgage note department" scam

Woman's voice: "Hi. This is Lisa in the mortgage note department. The federal government has asked lenders to work with their clients to help them save their homes and reduce their interest rates to a new low fixed rate. Press one now to speak with a specialist about this exciting news. We're here to assist you with your mortgage payment modification. This is not a new loan, but a negotiation of your existing loan terms. Press one now to learn more. With a simple modification, you can get a lower payment, but keep your existing loan company and avoid all those refinance fees. We can help homeowners who are current or late on their payment, or if their mortgage payment is adjusting to a higher payment that you just can't afford. Press one now to speak with an associate. This is fast and easy, so press one to begin your modification. Please press one now. Press one to see about this simple change to your existing mortgage note. Press one now."

Fuck off now. Please fuck off now. Fuck off now. Please. Fuck off now. You are an annoying scam. Fuck off now. Please fuck off now.


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