Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aug 28: Recording of "seniors financial assistance homeowners program" announcement scam

Man's voice: "This announcement concerns your eligibility for the government's seniors financial assistance homeowners program. If you are a homeowner sixty-two or older, you may use the money from this program in any way you choose. The FHA, or the federal housing administration, endorses, insures, and guarantees that you may be able to convert your home equity into tax-free monthly income, without having to sell your home, give up title, or make monthly payment. This program will not affect your social security or medicare benefits in any way. Press one now to find out if you are eligible for the government's new seniors financial assistance homeowners program, and start enjoying this financial security blanket that you deserve. Press three to be removed from our database. Again, press one now to speak with a senior assistance specialist."

The way it blatantly targets old people makes it sound like a scam.


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