Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sep 25: Recording of "Jenna" on behalf of Fanny Mae scam

Woman's voice: "Please listen to this message in its entirety before selecting a response. Hello. My name is Jenna calling on behalf of the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac foundation and I want to congratulate you. You have been preapproved by our underwriting department to dramatically lower your mortgage interest rate and monthly payment into a fixed loan, without needing to refinance, regardless of credit, income, or equity. To help reduce the chance a recession in the U.S. economy, all lenders are mandated to work with homeowners to eliminate a majority of the U.S. mortgage problem. We have prenegotiated terms with the majority of all lenders, allowing you to take advantage of this today. Press one now to see if you qualify for this limited time offer. Or press two to speak with an account manager about being removed this calling list. None of our representatives can remove you from the calling list, so to speak with an account manager about being removed from this calling list, please press two. To hear more about this program, please press one."

What the fuck is with these scams calling two days in a row?


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