Monday, September 18, 2006

Sep 18: Recording of Tim with mortgage services

This recording has called Mar 13, Apr 17, 24, 28, May 3, 8, 18, 26, Jun 6, 12, 22, Jul 17, Aug 1, 9, 14 and Sep 18. An almost identical recording of Michelle with mortgage services called Mar 16.

"Hi this is Tim with mortgage services. I'm calling regarding your current mortgage. I have a lender who wants to approve you with 1.5% on a thirty year loan. Whether you're looking refinance or take cash out, this loan would save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly house payment. So please press one to lock in this low rate. And start saving money now. Once again, press one now to speak with your mortgage representative. Or press two now to be removed. Thanks and have a great day."


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