Monday, October 31, 2005

Oct 31 6:26pm: "Jerry Lee" with Amerifirst Financial

More mortgage bullshit. He tried to extract information from me. He claimed to know my name and address and phone number. I asked him if "Amerifirst Financial" called me before. He said no. I didn't check until after the call was over. It appears that "James" from Amerifirst Financial called on Oct 1.

I asked him why he didn't already have the information that he was trying to extract from me, as some of the telemarketers calling already have some of that information, and some of the junk mail I get every day has some of that information. He didn't have an answer, and tried to extract that information from me again. I asked what makes his outfit different than the other telemarketers that call me every day. He responded by trying to extract information from me. I said I wouldn't tell him for free.

It looks like average mortgage rates are going up these days. I hope that a corresponding drop in telemarketing will be forthcoming.


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