Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oct 29: Answering machine spam: Recording of Jarod with anonymous satellite tv company

"Hi. This is Jarod. Like you already know, the cable company in your area is raising their rates again. Your name came up to receive a complete satellite system for free. Your new system comes with digital receivers. It's free professional installation. Of course, you'll get your local channels, sports, news, family, and specialty programs. Press 1 now, and we'll set you up with 25 free movie channels for the first 3 months. Oh, and by the way, if you press 1 now, our first 100 callers receive a free dvd player with their new satellite system."

If I were to believe telemarketer bullshit, cable companies raise their rates every few days. Well, maybe they do. At least they don't have telemarketing recordings calling me every few days. And satellite tv companies probably raise their rates just as often as cable companies.


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