Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 17: Recording of "this is an important message regarding your current credit card account" scam

Woman's voice: "This is an important message regarding your current credit card account. We have made several attempts to reach you. This is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rate. Press one to speak to our member services department. Or press two and your eligibility to lower your rates will expire."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This phone number is serviced by Northeast Florida Telephone Company, Inc. They are aware of this problem and the number is disconnected. We are the victims of phone spoofing, in which the caller disguises there true number by providing a bogus alernative number. Sometimes it is disconnected, like this one, and sometimes it is a real business or person who has nothing to do with the call. Northeast Florida Telephone company said they can't do anything about it, but to call or go to this website to register your complaint.

Department of Consumer Services
1 800 435 7352


You can also google phone spoofing and you will find numerous companies selling services and equipment for spoofing. Sick, isn't it?

March 02, 2009 1:52 PM  

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