Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20: "David" with "new American homeowner relief program" scam actually scamming those "taken advantage of by predatory lending practices"

Man's voice: "Hi. My name is David and I'm actually calling to help homeowners who were taken advantage of by predatory lending practices. Did you know that there was a new senate bill, eleven thirty-seven, that was passed to give you assistance? Are you somebody that was put into an adjustable rate mortgage within the last six years? Or is your house now currently depreciated and now your loan is actually more than what your house is worth? Are you somebody that's facing a notice of default, or even a foreclosure, and you're behind your payments? Please. Press. One. Now. There is immediate assistance. We can help you and qualify you for one of the new American homeowner relief programs. Even if your bank has told you that it they(sic) can not help you. There is. Help. Now. Please. Press one. There's(sic) representatives waiting to qualify you for the new American home owner relief program. Press. One. Now. Press. Three to be taken off of our call list. We are looking forward to helping you get into a new situation. Let's change your future and give you a situation that makes sense to the banks and for you."


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