Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov 14: Recording of "attention all homeowners" S.B.1137 scam

Woman's voice: "Attention all homeowners. Stay tuned for a special announcement regarding your current mortgage. In accordance with bill S.B. eleven thirty-seven, effective as of September eight, two thousand eight, California law now requires and has your(?) writ(?) mandatory that all banks, savings, and loan institutions must contact delinquent homeowners prior to N.O.D. notice. Press one now to see if you qualify for our loan workout. Currently, these work(?) coalition, in accordance with bill S.B. eleven thirty-seven, is saving thousands of homeowners through loss mitigation and foreclosure prevention workouts. If you are a homeowner, and currently are in an N.O.D. situation, and have not worked out a lower payment with your current bank, press one now. If you are behind on your payments, or possibly behind on your payments, press one now to find out your rights regarding home ownership and foreclosure prevention. Press one now to speak to a hardship analyst to see if you qualify. Press two to be taken off our home saver list."

I have no idea what N.O.D. means. The recording was distorted or something when they were talking about the something coalition, but I think it's a scam anyhow. If I had a mortgage and I had problems paying, I'd be talking to my lender, not some fucking telemarketing scam like this one appears to be.


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