Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aug 29: Recording of Mandy with Capital Funding

This recording has called Aug 29. The recording of Mia V with Capital Funding called Aug 22 and Aug 28 with an identical message.

"Hi. This is Mandy with Capital Funding. And I'm calling regarding your current mortgage. I have a lender. Who wants to approve you. At a one point five percent rate. On a thirty year loan. Whether you're looking to refinance, or take cash out, this loan would save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly house payment. So please call today to lock in this low rate. And start saving money NOW. By pressing the number one key. On your phone. Or press three to be removed from the marketing list."

I think the voice is the same as Mia V from Capital Funding, and the same as Michelle and a bunch of others from "the financial department".


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