Saturday, November 06, 2004

More telemarketers

This morning, a telemarketer called me, and, after few seconds pause, came on the line and said hello. I said hello. He asked how I was doing. I said ok. He asked if I am the head of the household. I said maybe. He said, "Never mind, dude." Then he hung up.

A few days ago, an Indian-sounding telemarketer called me about mortgage refinancing. He knew my name and the name of the company that I had my mortgage with. He asked about details of my mortgage. I refused to tell him. He wouldn't give up. I pointed out that he already knew a bunch of stuff about me. Finally, he came out with some details of what his company was offering. I said I wasn't interested. He still wouldn't hang up. He said goodbye. When I didn't say anything, he said hello. I said hello. He said a bunch of stuff, and asked me at least to say goodbye. Eventually, he gave up and hung up.

A few weeks ago, an African-sounding telemarketer called me about something, I do not remember what. I think it was about sending some representative to my home. I didn't want some sales rep coming to my home, so I said no thanks. He kept talking. I said no thanks a bunch of times. He seemed to not hear or not understand. He asked if I was scared a bunch of times. I said nothing but no thanks a bunch more times. Eventually, he hung up.

Yesterday, a woman called about sending a sales rep to my home for replacing my windows. When she asked about what times would be good, I said no thanks. She hung up immediately. Not as memorable as the previous two.

I've gotten numerous calls that went through the telemarking dialing machine, but never got connected to a telemarketer or a recording of a telemarketer. They just hung up after some static and some clicks.


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